My First Photojournalism Experience

     My very first news photographic experience was like many other photojournalist began. I was in High School (Lafayette High School Ellisville, Missouri, USA)and the High School News Paper Editor I believe was a friend of mine. I had know him since we were ten years old (Chesterfield Elementary Chesterfield, Missouri, USA). I was at a High School Soccer game/match and he (Robert "Robbie" Smith) said he needed a few photographs. An accident in developing I think. "Stop the presses!!" The photograph he had wouldn't work. Myself and three other guys looked at the camera and thought we had figured it out the problem. I took 10 photographs or so and handed it back to Robbie. I think you better try again just in case you want a different view. I think he used one or two of those photographs; one of his and one of mine. "Wow, holly S___t I'm a photojournalist!"

  Highland Productions LLC-Darren Dwayne Frazier

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