This is no one horse town. At Kentucky Horse Park everyday is a equine event. 

     I arrived to Kentucky Horse Park for the Range Rover Three Day Event 2020 not held until 2021. I thought to myself I hope I am not in anyones way. I had applied for my press credentials and was told that I needed to contact the events planner/coordinator. Without the credentials I would be able to get photographs; however Highland Productions LLC would not be allowed to go beyond the velvet ropes of the press areas. 

     Covid-19 has restricted things in the form of social distancing to volunteers and press only in the horse park. No one I repeat no one wants a sick horse. No official decission had been made on spectator involvement when I left St. Louis, Missouri, USA for Lexington, Kentucky, USA. I was a paying spectator if nothing else. I had paid for the 2020 Range Rover Three Day Event. I simply need to be granted access to the grounds. It appears press attendance is down do to the the state restriction applied after a rise in the pandemic outbreak numbers increase. The international atheletes have arrived by the hundreds to attend the event being held at Kentucky Horse; however the press has not yet arrived as anticipated. Event coverage is at an all-time low.  



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