About Us 

     Highland Productions LLC is a company that is interested in presenting images of you and the world around in an everyday manner. This means as you do things we capture the image as it happens. Not all images you see will be as candid as in the moment it happens; however posing the model is less important as see her or him as they are in their everyday life. That is how we began this journey and Highland Productions LLC will continue on this journey with this mission in mind. 

     To be at these everyday moments follow Highland Productions LLC on twitter and Linkedin. Twitter @highlandimages2 and @Llchighland. These are the social media tools used to keep you posted as to how Highland Productions intends to be available to the public for the day. Please be patient if you message HighlandProductions LLC on Twitter the text will reach Darren in the field. Highland Productions LLC will check the message every hour.

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